1. Why can't I buy coffee drinks at NutCart?

Coffeine is known to block the body's ability to process nutrients. Because we serve very nutritious food, it would be contraproductive to your health if you drank coffee afterwards. That's why it's best to wait with coffee consumption for about 2 hours after eating.


2. Can I reserve a table?

We are happy to take reservations but please note that we do not provide a customers' restroom.  

3. Can I also order to go?

We are happy to pack your lunch boxes to go. We even give you a discount of 20 cents if you bring your own food container. Otherwise, we'll pack the food in environmentally friendly containers.


4. Can I also order a lunch box before 11am?

Normally we start selling lunch boxes at 11am, but if you make a reservation until the day before by 6pm, we are happy to serve you before 11am the next day.

5. Does NutCart offer catering?

Sure we do! Please contact our staff for more details. We deliver already-packed boxes, but you also book us for an event where we would pack the boxes individually at your venue.

6. How can I participate at a NutCart cooking class?

Feel free to find our dates and workshop topics here on the website or ask our staff at NutCart.  We are looking forward to start cooking with you!

7. Can I order a lunch box entirely gluten - or lactosefree or a macrobiotic  box?

Sure! We love to cater to your individual diets. Please contact us until 6pm on the day before and we will fix you an individual lunch box. A gluten-free or lactose-free box will be an additional 1 to 3 € and a macrobiotic box will cost 2-5€ extra.