About NutCart

The name "NutCart" was created from the wish to offer the customer healthy products like nuts.


The founder of NutCart, Aika Matsuda, came by herself to Germany from Japan in 2003, when she was only 18 years old. Through her studies and practical experience that she has gained in her professional life, she has noticed cultural differences between Japan and Germany.

A major difference between the two countries is that Germany is a multicultural, ethnically and culturally heterogeneous society, whereas Japan is an ethnically, relatively homogeneous society.

So she came up with the idea to form a bridge between the diverse cultures through entrepreneurial activities by finding the common and connecting elements.

She came across the two key words; "food" and "vegetarian cuisine”, which are completely independent of religion, culture and ethnic origin. That is the reason why we only offer vegetarian food.

The combination of these two key words and the creative Japanese bento culture is the inspiration for the colorful lunch box, “Bento,” which is the highlight of Nutcart.

creative × healthy =


The concept of NutCart is; “Crealthy Food For Everybody”. “Crealthy” made up of two English adjectives "creative “and “healthy" together.

The following foods are not used in NutCart:

  • Meat, fish, shellfish and crustacean
  • Egg
  • White sugar
  • Synthetic colors
  • Flavor enhancers
  • Additives