Welcome to NutCart!

We offer vegetarian & vegan comfort food,
freshly prepared and creatively arranged.


We place great value not only on the flavour but also on the balanced composition and the health aspect of our lunch boxes. That's why our food is completely without any artificial additives or cane sugar. Our food is mainly vegan, sometimes vegetarian, and we often use seasonal and regional vegetables. Whenever possible, we chose organic veggies.


Careful preparation
Offering healthy and delicious food to our customers is crucial to us and we do this in every detail: When we cook our food, we do it carefully in order to keep most of the nutritional value. This is why we solely use "gentle" and slow ways of food preparation. It goes without saying that all of our syrups and sauces are homemade.

Transparent labels

More and more people suffer from food intolerances or prefer a certain diet. For this reason we label the ingredients of our foods. Whether you are lactose-free, vegan, low-carb or gluten-free -- our labels make it easy to choose what's best for you.


Creative & balanced

When we compose our lunch boxes, we follow the traditional Japanese Bento rules* and we keep in mind the creative arrangement of the individual items, as well as matching toppings.



*The idea is to stimulate all senses through a balanced mix and aesthetic harmony and to cover the daily nutritional and vitamine needs. Seasonal ingredients and a gentle processing are crucial to ensure the preservation of the original flavors. Tastes and an appealing look go hand in hand.


Bring Your Bento-Box!

NutCart offers a discount of 20 cents on each Bento when customers bring their own food container and let us pack the food. The desire behind this concept is to reduce packaging waste as much as possible to help save the environment.